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Choke is a common term for an obstruction of the goat's esophagus, usually caused by the ingestion of feed with abnormal consistency and foreign bodies (straw, apples, carrots, shavings, corn cobs, etc). Partial or complete obstructions can occur, and range from mild to severe damage to the goat's esophagus. Choke can result in a number of complications.


Excessive salivation
Food particles dripping from mouth and nostrils
Repeated head and neck extension
Difficulty swallowing
Muscle spasms


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam
  • Endoscopy
  • Ultrasound

Treatment Options

Treatment TypeDetails
Sedation and muscle relaxation
Spasmolytic therapy
Nasogastric intubation
Standing oesophageal lavage
Lavage under general anaesthesia
Fluid therapy
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy


  • Soak feed and hay
  • Feed goats at regular intervals


    Risk Factors

    • Goats that bolt their feed down quickly
    • Previous history of choke or trauma to the esophagus
    • Feeding goats at irregular intervals
    • Goats with dental problems or overdue for teeth floating
    • Feeding goats that are dehydrated or exhausted

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